How we can help

In our experience of helping individuals and families plan their financial future, certain scenarios tend to present themselves time and again

We have listed a few of the most common situations below, but please note this is not an exhaustive list and we would be happy to discuss anything that you may have on your mind.

Common questions

We can help you determine an appropriate level of cash to hold. If you have excess cash, we can advise whether part of these funds could be invested and potentially work harder for you.

Equally, we may advise that you increase your cash reserves, which may mean transferring cash from some of your investments.

This is a complex question, and one that we are frequently asked. At Raymond James, Fulham we can help answer this question using Cash flow planning, which we offer to our clients on a complimentary basis.

With the help of our cash flow planning tool, we can show you whether you are on track, need to increase your savings, need to reduce your required income or whether you can afford to sail off into the sunset.

There are several factors that will need careful consideration such as – can I afford to make this gift? Do your beneficiaries need advice on what to do with the funds? Is an outright gift more suitable than investing on their behalf? We can help explain all the options to you. We can even involve your beneficiaries if this is something you would appreciate.

Are you making best use of your ISA allowances? Are the correct investments in the correct wrapper? Are you paying unnecessary income, dividend or capital gains tax? We can look at your portfolio from a tax efficiency standpoint and help you structure it so that you keep more of your hard-earned savings.

It is worth bearing in mind that if you require complex, specialist tax advice, then you would need to speak to a tax specialist, and we would be happy to recommend a local professional.

You may have stopped working or simply moved to part-time work and now need to start taking an income from your investments. This may mean a complete change of strategy, or simply tweaking the existing investments. Either way, we can discuss the best way to help you finance these withdrawals.

You may already be saving and investing, but are the underlying investments right for you? Do you know how much risk you are taking at the moment and are you comfortable with it? Is that level of risk suitable? We are here to help answer such questions and advise on an appropriate level of risk.

You may have just sold your business or received an inheritance. It may be tempting to park this in the bank, especially if you are dealing with sums that are outside of what you are used to. We can explain your options and suggest the best route for you.

We are here to help and provide clarity and advice during this difficult time. If you haven’t dealt with finances in the past, it can seem like an exhausting and daunting prospect. We bring a naturally personable approach and can help you understand and disentangle financial matters. As your dedicated and knowledgeable team, we will stand by you through it all.

We can introduce you to other local experts

Personal finances are interlinked with so many aspects of our lives and there may be instances where we need to involve or deal with other professionals.
If you need assistance in an area that is outside our expertise, we can direct you to local professionals such as:

  • Solicitors
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Estate agents
  • Accountants and tax advisers
  • Art consultants

We would be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our contacts or attend any initial meetings with you.

Explore our services

Investment management

We carefully select investments and build a portfolio that is truly tailored to your needs and informed by cash flow planning.

Complimentary cash flow planning

Allowing you to visualise your assets, income and expenditure – both now and what they are expected to be in the future.

Financial planning

Taking a deeper look at your financial situation considering more complex questions like consolidating pensions, estate planning and insurance.

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We would be delighted to meet you at our offices, which are based on the banks of the Thames (by appointment only).

Equally, we would be happy to:

  • Have meetings at your home or place of work.
  • Take advantage of the river and have a stroll along the Thames Walk.
  • Use Zoom to have convenient virtual meetings.