Security of Assets

Security of assets

Pershing Securities Limited – Key Facts

A custodian is a specialised financial institution that holds customersʼ securities for safekeeping in order to minimise the risk of their misappropriation, misuse, theft, and/or loss.

Security of Investments

Raymond James will never hold client assets on its balance sheet and has a relationship with a custodian, Pershing Securities Limited (“Pershing”). Pershing is part of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, one of the worldʼs strongest financial institutions, with $45.7 trillion in client assets* under custody or administration.

In compliance with the Financial Conduct Authorityʼs Client Asset Rules, your investments are held on trust in accounts segregated from Pershingʼs own assets. In other words, they are ring-fenced from Pershingʼs own corporate assets. Therefore, in the unlikely event of default by Pershing, your assets would be allocated to you as the beneficial owner.

Security of Cash

Pershing holds your cash balances as Client Money, which means that money in your Cash Account is held by Pershing acting as trustee. It is segregated from Pershingʼs own corporate assets and held in designated trust accounts at one or more banks.

Should any of the banks that Pershing uses fail, investor protection provided by the FSCS applies. The limit is currently £85,000 per eligible claimant per FCA authorised financial institution.

Note: investor account protection does not cover investment risk.

* As at 30 September 2023

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