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We are an independent wealth management practice helping clients manage their financial affairs and achieve their goals.

That could be generating an income, retiring, helping their children get on the housing ladder, or any other financial objective. Our services are perfectly suited to individuals who lack the time and/or knowledge to manage their own investments.

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Investment management

We carefully select investments and build a portfolio that is truly tailored to your needs and informed by cash flow planning.

Complimentary cash flow planning

Allowing you to visualise your assets, income and expenditure – both now and what they are expected to be in the future.

Financial planning

Taking a deeper look at your financial situation considering more complex questions like consolidating pensions, estate planning and insurance.

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We would be delighted to meet you at our offices, which are based on the banks of the Thames (by appointment only).

Equally, we would be happy to:

  • Have meetings at your home or place of work.
  • Take advantage of the river and have a stroll along the Thames Walk.
  • Use Zoom to have convenient virtual meetings.